Another Question Regarding Adjudication

Amberbunny, backgrdinvestigator, ceedeem and anyone else: My re-investigation closed after being open a little over 2 years. This is a bit on the no-one-know-how-long end of things so I’m wondering (in a VERY rough guess) how long do you think adjudication may likely take.

I’m already working with a TS//SCI and have been for some time (so this would be for a T5R position I suppose).


Be patient. I’m literally in the same boat.

E-quip: 10/2016
ESI: 06/2018
Closed: 8/28/2018

Waiting for adjudication. Mines for a T5R (TS-SCI Reinvestigation).

No one has answers. Adjudications are backed up.

Over the last few years, NBIB staffed up with fed and contract investigators. We’ve more than cut the backlog in half.

Problem is we’ve buried adjudications. I haven’t heard a thing about them increasing staffing levels, so I assume we did nothing but transfer the backlog to them.

@bishop76 Re-investigations are given lowest priority both in investigation and adjudication stages because of the already existing backlog and because you are already considered cleared. Simple cases clear adjudication fairly quickly (in a few months or less), and complex cases take longer (months to years) so an equivalent re-investigation case will take longer.