Approved for TS clearance, but employer will not input info into Scattered Castles

Thank you for all the information I am much more at ease now with my situation :):grinning:

I accepted an offer at a different company and they were able to find me in SC and are processing the crossover now. Do you remember how long your crossover took? They told me 5-10 business days but could be longer.

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Mine was short. Congrats!

Great news! When it all works right I can cross a person in 3 business days.

Hello @amberbunny. I saw that you responded to this person’s question, and I am seeking a little guidance because I am basically in the same predicament as this original poster. By all accounts, I have an active TS/SCI, but have been unable to cross over due to “unadjudicated information”. Last year I left my job and no longer have any association to any contract with my Virginia customer. Last summer, the prime who holds the contract sponsored me for an initial BI. (While they did sponsor my BI, I never actually worked for them.) I completed the SF86, was interviewed, neighbors and friends were interviewed and I completed my poly this past winter.

About a month ago, I popped up in DISS with an approved TS with TS eligibility. However, none of this information can be found in Scattered Castles. According to SC, there have been no actions and I still show as though no investigation was done. Everything is as it was more than a year ago.

Does anyone have any idea why I show up in DISS, but not SC? How do I get my record in SC updated? Do I need to reach out to the company who sponsored me, or to the company who holds my previous clearance? (They are two different companies.)

It is my understanding-- potentially incorrect-- that your information will only be updated in SC after you have been briefed and are actively in “access.”

My situation is similar to the below mentioned topics. I’ve held a TS for a few years now and passed my FS Poly over a year ago. I’ve worked on contracts utilizing both since then. I currently work on a contract utilizing my TS, FS Poly and SCI. However I was hired by a new company and the gov.client won’t accept my FS Poly because they can’t locate it in SC. I have a signed and sealed letter from the gov. agency who granted my FS Poly. I also have gov. employees from that same agency who are willing to vouch for me. One being from the Polygraph Unit.

My new position was contingent upon clearance crossover. Now I’m wondering have I actually met my part of the contingency agreement? It seems the crossover doesn’t fall short on my end. I’ve provided all the proof needed. Is this lack in acceptance actually due to the clients unwillingness? If so what legal recourse is available? Is it acceptable for the gov. client not honor the documents? What happened to the Directive that’s supposed to eliminate this type of nonsense? Why is it not being enforced and why are good workers being caught up in the foolishness of who’s stick is bigger than the other?