Are investigators asking questions about media contact?

Hi all. A friend of mine who recently had an in-person interview for vouch for a friend in IC getting re-upped for his clearance was asked whether he knew people in the media or was likely to leak to them. This question was on the investigator’s list. The strange thing is that this IC person is a cubicle-dweller, not really high-level. No new extenuating circumstances in his life.

Anyone know if this is new policy under Trump? First I’ve ever heard of it. Thanks for your imput.

It is most likely a new line of thought prompted by the latest leak to news media (Reality WInner) and not surprising.

hi Marko… thanks for responding. But do you know this to be true? How can I find out a bit more about it?

It’s normal.

Different contracts (customers IC and otherwise) require different questioning. I work various contracts and some of them require to ask if the subject has any media contacts or if they have ever linked any sensitive/classified information to the media or have had stuff published.

Thank you Foliage for responding. But. So this is not a new thing under the
current administration or have these kinds of media questions increased do
you think?

It’s not new. My references were asked this last summer before the new administration.

Got it, thanks. I just wonder if investigators are asking this in more case than before. Hmmm