New information regarding my investigation - how do I share that info with the right people?

Hi all,
I couldn’t find a topic that already addressed my issue, so I’ll ask it here.
I have a pending RSI for a DUI a few years ago. After nearly two years of waiting, I finally had my interview a few weeks ago.
My question is whether it’s appropriate to contact the investigator if I’ve recalled the answer to a question he asked.
Particularly, he asked about some travel I made in January where I marked on my e-QIP that I was traveling to see friends, sightseeing, etc. - I can’t remember exactly what the selection I chose said.
The point is that he asked me about the travel, and I couldn’t quite remember the trip. I recently came across a picture and it immediately hit me why I went to visit. (I enjoy traveling, so I do it quite often)

Would it be out of line for me to contact the investigator and provide this information to him (assuming his report hasn’t been submitted already)? Or is there some other method of sharing this? Obviously I have plenty of worry attached to this investigation already with my DUI and what not - I don’t need some brain fart getting in the way of me keeping my job.

Thanks in advance!

I wouldn’t worry about that trip. It seems you are bringing it up outside of the context of the DUI which is what you are/should be worried about. What do you aim to resolve by trying to contact the BI about the trip? Surely if there are more questions then the BI will ask. If this trip wasn’t for legitimate reasons then you would have more worry that you weren’t entirely forthcoming and honest about the account of your trip.

I feel like there is something being left out here