Are multiple RRUs a problem?


I’ve accepted a contingent employment offer (contingent on the successful transfer of my clearance from DHS to DOD) from Company A. In the interim, if I accept another contingent offer from Company B will it create a conflict in JPAS by having multiple RRUs in progress?

I don’t want to throw a wrench in the gears, but I also don’t want to pass up good offers that might come along while I am waiting for the reciprocity process to complete. What is the smartest thing to do in this scenario? I’m hoping an FSO (@JC-FSO, @Marko, @amberbunny) on this forum can shed some light.

Thank you!


If it happens, say you accepted a GS-9, but suddenly get offered a GS-13…makes sense to me. Make it clear to the FSO there was a prior request submitted. Sometimes just a note gets it done. I hear rumor of folks applying at multiple agencies, being accepted and one new request bumps out the prior request that may already be well developed and further along. I cannot vouch for the truthfulness of this but had clearance folks tell me it is true several times.


Thank you for the reply @amberbunny. My scenario involves employment offers from DOD contractor companies as opposed to US government agencies. I presume that for an RRU to be submitted on a contingent hire, the company FSO has to take ownership or sponsorship of the individual in JPAS. So can only one company do that at a time, or can multiple companies have RRUs (for reciprocity) going at the same time without voiding or interferring with previously sent RRUs by other companies?

For example, if the FSO at Company B opens up JPAS and queries the name of the prospective hire, will she see the pending RRU submitted previously by the FSO of Company A? Would the FSO of Company B have to assume sponsorship of the prospective hire, thereby voiding the sponsorship by Company A?


That is a good question. I think if all of them are one agency, say DoD…it can interfere. But if one is State, one is Intell, the other is DoD…they likely can run at the same time and not one will ever talk to the other even with reciprocity rules.


Update. An RRU was submitted for me in JPAS in November 2018 to move my clearance from DHS to DoD’s JPAS system. The RRU is still in progress! I recollect that only a few years ago such reciprocity requests were taking about 2 to 3 weeks to complete. What is broken now with the RRU process? My clearance has no pending issues and is based on a completed/adjudicated NACLC. Anybody else running into this problem?


An RRU was submitted to move my eligibility (T5 investigation) from DHS to DoD JPAS for a TS and has been pending for almost 8 weeks now.


Update from original poster:

The reciprocity request RRU for me was finally approved in mid-March. Roughly 4 months to process. Pretty slow for someone that had a clearance with no issues pending. Here’s what I learned. Squeeky wheel gets the grease. Talk to your sponsoring FSO and have them submit a “request status” in JPAS if you don’t hear anything back in 1 month. Then repeat for each passing month. I had two different FSOs working on my behalf as I had two contingent offers pending from different companies. I think the the 2nd company made it happen as their FSO was not shy about submitting a request status. As best I can tell, the hold-up appeared to be at the DOD CAF which needed to review my clearance data and certify that it was sufficient for DoD use. Hope this helps others that may find themselves in a similar situation.