Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?

Yes that is correct. I mean the states

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Thanks for the explanation. Makes since.

SF86 Submission 8/23/16
Polygraph 9/8/16
Subject Interview 10/27/16
No interim yet & 100 days since submission.


I happen to be in CA, it didn’t take that long; it was 90 actual days from eQip to interim. I suppose it is a case by case basis. Again, my eQip was by no means clean, I actually expected to be denied the interim clearance, because of all the areas that I had to mitigate. All I can say is try not to focus on the wait, I know it is excruciating.

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Was that 90 business days?

Everyone just quit complaining. I’m a security manager for a govt office and I have one person at 700 days for a TS PR, two over 400 days for a TS PR, and 7 over 250 days for a TS PR, out of the 15 I have in progress for PRs. OPM is just useless and between them and the DoDCAF, the process is so much more than broken.

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Not complaining just trying to accurately estimate the timeline I should expect for interim clearance by discussing with other in the same boat. :wink:

It was 90 or 91 actual days. I submitted eQIP on Aug 20, 2016, got my interim Nov 18, 2016.

OK, so my current manager received a questionnaire today in regards to my clearance. Not sure how far along that puts me but atleast I know the process is moving credit pulled by OPM last week, questionnaire to my manager this week.

Well I’ve got that 700 days beat but not by a whole lot. Funny thing is, the investigation went really quickly. At least I know there are others in the same lake if not the exact same boat.

My credit was pull early to mid Nov, manager contacted around the same time frame…

Still no word…

If it ends up being any thing like Fred_stabbage, we could be about 45 days out from when managers were contacted.

If I don’t hear anything by Christmas … I figure it won’t be till after the new year… so basically if I don’t hear anything by around the 19th it will be just time to enjoy the holidays…

@GunnerMP are you able to pass clearances for people who are stuck in adjudication? We are kinda hit-and-miss here. Some places will accept it, others say “no way.”


What do you mean pass, send visit certs?


I may not be using the correct term… all I know is we’ve had some folks who have ‘active’ clearances but have been waiting an awfully long time for their PR to be adjudicated who have been refused entry to facilities when they visit, or not been given ‘No Escort’ badges. This is for contractor personnel.

I don’t know if this involved visit certs or if this happened when folks at the site being visited looked in JPAS and could not see a current clearance.


Just got my interim. Submitted mid Aug then received early Dec

What date did you submit exactly?

I am still awaiting any word and submitted August 17th 2016.


I was submitted 08/02/2016 and my Manager was just contacted this past week. Credit was pulled the week before.

Interim update… Clearance Investigation update.

As of this morning I contacted the company that is sponsoring my Clearance…

Current status in the company data base is Awaiting Secret Clearance.

Now a question for anyone out there…

What does this mean as of now?

I did attempt to contact my recruiter on this matter to see what JPAS is saying but nothing on that as of yet… hopefully more to come tomorrow… then again they maybe waiting for me to have a fully adjudicate clearance before starting work. Thoughts anyone?