Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?

i submitted my equip 06/2016 for a TS/SCI as a contractor and still haven’t heard from anyone. None of my past employers or references have been contacted. Hopefully things will pick up this summer.

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I have not heard from the agency since 2016. I have been in adjudication since August 2016. I have been in this process for almost 2 years. I think I may walk away because it is so frustrating.

While I haven’t waited nearly as long as you have, I feel you.

Even if we are “waiting in line”, I feel it would do them no significant harm to let us know how big of a line it is.

Who issues clearances for three letter agencies? Is it not OPM? Really trying to figure out where in the process I am, and I would like to call the OPM hotline, but I’m not sure it’s applicable. Thank you!

Timeline for TS (currently have a secret w/ State):
Dec 17 - CJO
Jan 17 - Submitted package
Feb 17 - Met with investigator. References, employers etc. interviewed in person.
Mar 17 - Investigator called for additional documentation about overseas trips.

Haven’t heard anything since. Waiting to do the poly. BTW - does anyone know how long the process is from poly to UCJO?

It depends on which specific agency. Those associated with the DoD are mostly adjudicated through the DoDCAF, but some under DoD do their own adjudications (NGA and NSA off the top of my head). Other members also conduct adjudications inhouse. I’m sure some go through OPM, but I wouldn’t be able to name any.

My updated timeline:

T5 for an IC contract position.
March 2016 - Applied
April 2016 - Job Interview
April 2016 - SF86 submitted and initiated
June 2016 - Full Scope Poly
November 2016 - Saw a credit pull
May 2017 - Flew back out for my Personal Security Interview and had the distinct impression my packet had been lost somewhere. Expensive plane ticket for an hour and a half interview. Fortunately the company paid for it.

Oh and I currently have an active DoD TS-SCI in my current job in case anyone is wondering if it speeds things along - it does not.

Radio Silence again. No references interviewed yet.

Has anyone here gone through the process as a congressional staffer? I am curious if the timeline is any different for those of us who work in the legislative branch. Thanks!

Well at least you go you job interview within a month :slight_smile: took army from March - June to finally interview me for the position.
BTW what is the difference between a T5 and a SCI? Back when I got my offer, It said that the investigation was for a SSBI. The term SSBI was replaced by “Tier 5” if i remember correctly. 250 days so far! wooohoo!


TS is designated for a Critical Sensitive position. SCI is designated for a Special Sensitive position. Both at Tier 5 and both require an SSBI.

SSBI is analogous to a Tier 5 but SSBI is the type of investigation much like NACLC/ANACI for a Tier 3.

So you are saying my clearance won’t take as long because it mirrors a Tier 3? :slight_smile:

This is what is contained in my tentative offer: “Must be able to obtain and maintain a Top Secret security clearance based
on SBI and eligibility for Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI).”

I’ve been reading for awhile so going to post my current situation:
Applied DOD April 2016 for a position requiring a Secret Clearance only
Interviewed DOD end of June/early July 2016
Offered position July 2016
Received and Entered EQUIP Sept. 2016
Supervisor contacted by investigator Sept 2016
Investigator contacted me Oct 2016
Background Investigation completed Feb 2017 and it’s sitting with Adjudications now.
Haven’t heard anything else to date. I was told by DOD HR that my job is still open and pending my security investigation. The Security Manager has no new updates and told me from the original 9 month time frame that it will be much longer now but gave no reason as to why.

I thought adjudications had 90 days to make a decision or the investigation had to be started all over? At this point, I’ve pretty much given up hope this will be completed and I simply went into some stack in some empty office.

@ HurryUpandWait

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. TS/SCI (or TS with SCI eligibility) requires an SSBI (Tier 5)

Tier 3 is for Confidential and Secret and the type of investigation is either a NACLC or ANACI.

Bottom line is that yours, mine, and everyone else’s take a long time.

Yeah that is what I figured. Thanks for clarification.

A Tier 5 is not an SSBI and a Tier 3 is not a NACLC OR ANACI (I know you’re just trying to compare). The terms aren’t interchangeable. They’re case types that replaced the older cases (SSBI, BI, etc).

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And…SCI access is not a separate investigation. It is an additional review/approval after you have already been granted a TS after the completion of a T5.

Sorry if any of that was confusing. I recently finished the OPM security clearance course and that was the way the instructor described the relationships. I’ll let the more experienced folks answer the questions from here on out.

My timeline for TS: submitted my SF 86 at the end of Oct. 2016. FBI (not OPM) picked up my background check at the end of January 2017, and interviewed neighbors, references, employers, coworkers, me within a couple weeks. Interim granted end of May. Waiting on final.

Around 19 months (600+ days). That’s how long it took me to receive a favorably adjudicated periodic reinvestigation. But in my case, I was a “priority” hire because I recently accepted an entry level federal job. I can only imagine how long it would have taken if I decided to remain in the contractor world. I’m hearing horror stories of people waiting 3+ years for PRs now.

Being married to a foreign national didn’t help things, but I’m thankful it’s finally over and that the Sword of Damocles is no longer hanging over my head.

To those of you getting into/staying in the contractor world, I wish you the best of luck. But if I had to give you advice, I would say, apply to a federal job or enlist/commission into a military reserves for a job that requires a clearance, pronto, because the government ain’t looking out for you if you’re a contractor. If you get laid off and it takes years to fix a Loss of Jurisdiction, you’re on your own and will be forced to take on a lower paying/less satisfying job to wait it out. Probably not so bad if you’re single and unattached, but if you have a family to feed, you don’t have the luxury of time.

Wish ya’ll the best. Hopefully the political climate will improve so that so many peoples’ livelihoods aren’t so negatively affected.

Update… Temp Employment just notified me that I will be out of work in 30 Days…

No update on getting clearance as of yet.

Current timeline put me over 250 day.

Army changing MOS for which a TS is required to begin training. Submitted packet in NOV16 and the only information I get from my security handler whenever he checks my status is that it is open. Investigators have not yet contacted my references. My case should be an easy one, I have zero social media, one credit card that I never use, good credit, no arrests, and my father and two brothers are all military and all have TS clearance. Is there some way to see what is going on with my case or is their anyone I can contact to get the ball rolling? It looks like everyone is in my position, but it can’t hurt to ask.