Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


Agencies still can cancel vacancies on their own, this guidance just states what they cannot do!


ok, thanks Marko. I cant see why my agency would cancel my appointment when they went through all the work to get me hired in the first place.

I think I can let out a (reluctant) sigh of relief for the first time in 7 months. My last day of work is in 2 days, my replacement has already been hired, my house is in escrow, Ive purchased a new truck because Im moving somewhere where my car wouldnt have been able to handle the snow and ice, and the movers are arriving in a week.

I still wont believe it until I am standing in the office on 2/6 & taking the oath.

This hiring process is crazy!!


Sorry if I misunderstood the previous posts, but does this mean that the 600+ new investigators being hired for OPM are now being cancelled? And will the hiring freeze impact federal contractor clearances? I started my investigation in August with a defense contractor.


Might allow some of the backlog to clear out as well. I just checked on several submitted in August 2016. They only opened the investigation in October 2016. That coincides with the new clearance division folks, compounded by the inauguration.



I am personally feeling this impact as I submitted in August as well, my FSO stated that JPAS says they opened my investigation in November.. with your experience though.. what do you think the timelines are as of current?


I'm seeing 6 to 8 months on routine Secret clearances. Here's hoping now that the inauguration is complete, they begin digging out from the usual end of year backlog and slowdown since October.


Is that for an interim or final clearance?


We don't do interims with my client so it is for Final.


6-8 month turn around for secret? Dang, I just hit my yr mark.


I would contact the security manager and request a tracker. On occasion when we call to verify a long in the tooth package it suddenly shakes free of whatever was holding it. Even with current slowdown and inauguration I wouldn't expect anything that long for a routine Secret package.


any idea if this date is from EQIP submission or from investigation opening?


@amberbunny @stillwaiting,


I think you have asked the perfect golden question. When do these timelines actually start...

If it's from submission date or from date reported as to when your investigation is actually opened?


I understand that your company or client does not deal with interim clearances. However do you know when that actual clock starts ticking?


Waiting since May 2016 for my periodic interview....


I'll give my story below, hopefully someone can assist.

I began with my current job back in May 2015, my understanding was that my clearance submission (if that's the correct term) for just an MBI clearance was submitted April 30th. I finally had an OPM investigator come out and interview me 18 months later in November 2016! I finally heard the other day that it was recently adjudicated, but no word as to what that means (favorable or no?). I have absolutely nothing awry in my background so I'm dumbfounded why this is taking as long as it is. I've been on a "waiver" according to the security folks at my company the entire time. The most frustrating part is that it's inhibited me for other jobs I've applied to, especially since I have to check "I do not have a clearance" since I don't want to mislead anyone- also, there's typically no explanation box below that question for me to explain.

Any perspective on this situation is greatly appreciated!


Anyone have an idea of how long it is taking to receive interim secret clearances? Submitted my eqip on Nov. 2 , 2016 and still waiting to hear back about an interim.


Wow, I can't believe how long you've waited for an MBI. I am waiting on a tier 3/NACLC since November. I was hoping given the lower status of the clearance that it would take less time, but apparently not.


Ironically, and I say this in all seriousness, I was just informed that it FINALLY cleared today. To get an MBI, which and I'm not sure this means much but was told it's the 'functional equivalent' of secret, took from April 2015 until today. Unreal, especially considering there was nothing in my background.

I mentioned it to a new company I'm applying to and as assumed, it was a big deal so I'm glad to finally have that out of the way. My next worry is, if I need a higher one at some point, will it take this long again or longer? Stressful to say the least but finally happy to have it.


Average wait time is roughly 16 weeks according to this Blog.. and I will say it's not a joke.. I submitted my SF86 in August 2016 and have yet to hear if I have an Interim..


Congrats on the great news.. it is very helpful knowing that movement is being made again


Wow.. You still haven't heard about an interim and you submitted in August? I saw earlier on this discussion of a few people who submitted in August 2016 and received interim within 10 to 13 weeks or (70 to 90 days). If you don't mind me asking what is your clearance for? Mine happens to be for a defense contractor.