Are You Experiencing Security Clearance Processing Delays?


It doesn’t matter what went on between June and November. Your process didn’t start until November 2018.


Did you explain the debts to an investigator prior to receiving an SOR?


@EdFarmerIII, yes I kind of figured the process doesn’t really start until the forms are submitted. I am still hoping that it keeps up with the same pace though .


No they never contacted me. Everything was done through my security manager… everything I got completed I uploaded it to my file(DISS). Letters, receipts, etc…


Hi all! Please help if you have any insight!!

I’ve been waiting on my clearance for what feels like forever.
Here is my timeline- (TS/Sci -FS)
Nov 2017- submitted
May 2018- Poly
… Both my Poly & BI are completed and favorable-
I just found out that I’m not in adjudication not even close. Is this OK? Are they backlogged? Should I be concerned? Is this normal to wait for adjudication?


Normal to wait for adjudication? Yes. There appears to be some kind of queue where your case waits to be assigned to an adjudicator.

Normal to wait since May 2018? It could be that now they are doing your investigation and it has yet to be completed. That is one possible explanation for the long delay without getting to the adjudicator.

How do you know you are not in adjudication yet?


If you are waiting on a (TS/Sci -FS) these can take several years to complete depending on case complexity and workloads. Go on with you life and don’t stress over it is my only advice.


August submitted EQIP for Secret
September 3-4 edited EQIP resubmitted
October OPM pulled my credit
December spoke with investigator who informed me they cant contact some of my employers I explained some have closed so im SOL providing a new contact.
March 2019 found out No interim from Security Manager (she was unable to tell me why)
March 14 2019, no news or new updates.
I am a direct hire for DOD and Began working in July 2018 however, unable to perform the job I was hired on to do.


Interesting that they let you start without a clearance… did you have to sign some kind of acknowledgement that you could be let go if you didnt get cleared?

Not terribly unusual that you didn’t get an interim. Dont worry too much about that.

Your timeline is not that bad yet. Since September, that’s what about six months? When you get to the one year mark, then you can start wondering what is going on.