Arrest record - public trust position

I received a tentative offer from DHS/ICE/OPLA pending background investigation. I have an arrest 17 years ago. The charge was the possession of a forged instrument reduced to disorderly conduct. The circumstance was that I had an old Rx that I wanted to fill and I changed the date on the Rx. There are also other extenuating circumstances behind the whole story that I won’t go into. I disclosed this in a four-page explanation, including the Certificate of Disposition of the case (a fine of $100).

On the flipside, I have an excellent work record, personal life, and excellent references. Should I be worried?

If you get a LOI asking for clarification regarding your background, respond in detail. If I remember correctly, ICE gives applicants 10 days to respond from receipt of letter.

You won’t know if you are to be worried until you go through the security process. OPLA may have higher standards than other DHS components when it comes to background issues.