Does OPM notify hiring agency of arrest record even if one ultimately gets cleared?

During an investigation, does OPM notify the hiring agency (i.e., ICE) of an arrest from 17 years ago? Is it ultimately up to OPM to approve that person?

ICE does their own adjudications, so they see all records for their federal and contractor applicants.

My client guarded denial reasons. At best if violent they warned client security office. Otherwise we were simply told “denied.” Even if it is a revocation we were simply told "remove all classified, debrief, and remove from installation. "

Amberbunny2, What I mean by the foreoing question was if there’s an arrest record yet OPM ultimately clears one and makes the formal offer, does the local person at ICE who interviewed and offered the job ultimately know about what’s in the background investigation. Also, is there a way I may private message you to ask you a question? Thank you.

There are a couple of misconceptions in this question.

  1. OPM only grants clearances (adjuducates) to their own people. OPM is responsible to ensure suitability rules are observed by all agencies.
  2. Your agency, DHS, do their own adjudication - so your employer would know about the information from the background investigation.
  3. Normal practice is unrelated issue information is not normally passed down the food chain to a supervisor.

i can’t imagine the amount of information that would be floating around if everyone’s hiring agent/supervisor had to review every background investigation.

Backginvestigator, Is there a way I could send you a private message from this forum in order to ask you a few questions?

Thank you for that clarification, backginvestigator.