Arrest record from 17 years ago

I received a tentative offer from DHS/ICE/OPLA pending background investigation. I have an arrest 17 years ago. The charge was the possession of a forged instrument reduced to disorderly conduct. The circumstance was that I had an old Rx that I wanted to fill and I changed the date on the Rx. There are also other extenuating circumstances behind the whole story that I won’t go into. I disclosed this in a four-page explanation, including the Certificate of Disposition of the case (a fine of $100).

On the flipside, I have an excellent work record, personal life, and excellent references. Should I be worried?

There is another question on the form which asks about prescription abuse. I’d suggest the action described fits abuse - of the script which was altered.

Best bet is to report the info either as a one sentence note in the arrest section or the drug section.

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to be honest… with everything that’s happening… i just can’t believe they are putting so much attention into a guy with an old Rx with changed date. sorry can’t really help with your question, but this story shocks me to be honest.

I came clean about the entire incident and the circumstances leading to it. I wrote a four page explanation, including that the judge and prosecutor determined that the extenuating circumstances warranted extreme leniency.
The wrench in the mix now is that it has been over three months since I completed the eQuip. Another woman who received a tenative offer the same time is me his are even cleared a. Do you think they are further looking into what happened 17 years ago? Also, Do they inform my hiring boss about these circumstances 17 years .ago?.. because he is wondering why my background check is taking so long. If they are taking the time to look in to the incident 17 years ago, will they tell him about it?