Got a great job asking about domestic violence

So I got a job letter and now they are asking specifically about domestic violence charge which I got 15 years ago they are asking for the citation and docket number and dates of the incident which the incident occurred I know I need to be upfront and honest about it but the form seems to me like it spells doom to my job prospects I’m just lost not sure what to do the incident happened in 2005 please help also the crime occurred in Arizona no expungements here only set asides which I have completed entirely

It sounds like they want to do a sort of internal, pre-investigation to make sure you have a good chance of getting a clearance before they decide to expend resources towards that end.

It seems pretty clear that your best way forward is to get them the information they asked for and then follow through with the next steps.

Yeah the problem is this charge is so old I’m not going to be able to get even be able to get the docket number or the date of the incident because it in the archives of anything it just sucks because I literally have my job offer letter and and everything but I will get the info together I just hope it’s not an automatic disqualification because the company works basically with the military

What you do is just be honest and have copies of whatever decisions were rendered by the courts along with whatever stipulations you completed. That was then, this is now. Not much else to do until your perspective employer makes a decision.

Thank you sir the problem is the charge is so old I’m not even sure if they have the records anymore because they want the date and the docket numbers I’m not trying to hide anything I just can’t get them right away probably

Then indicate that you need more time to acquire that information, then get to work on acquiring.