Asking for more proof

Well I had this particular debt since early 2013 and I had things come up such as my spouse not working and birth of children and I had my priority switch Financial wise. But now my creditor want me to pay 2000 a month till settled. And I have been making payments on it it’s just they won’t allow set amount I’m making anymore it’s pretty much pay 2000 a month or not at all…plus I couldn’t pay off the settlement off because my 2018 taxes are delayed due earned income tax

Because you appear to have a complex financial situation and understandably want some help, might I suggest contacting a reputable credit counselor to help you? Maybe you can look online for resources? I think that would be the way to go, a good use of your time, instead of hoping that someone can give you the answers you are looking for here. You may benefit from accessing someone with resources and qualifications to look at all of the factors to help you arrive at a solution. It might take time, but I’m confident you can do it, and it might take off some the pressure you are feeling.


I already have a debt consolidation going for one of my delequent debts and it’s a great company but they won’t work for this particular account. Why I don’t know.

I already have taken debt Financial class and talked to a financial advisor but all comes down to is DOD CAF, I can show them all they want . But would they like to review this one last time before they grant me

You definitely have a sticky issue. Continue to make reasonable efforts to resolve said creditors. Print each and every communication. Talk to a bankruptcy attorney to get solid advice. If your FICO is above 650 you are not sitting too bad. That is fair credit. If you are around 630, you have less than fair, if you are under 600 that is challenging. Using credit is an agreement to follow rules. Failure to make those payments indicates a willingness to not follow rules. Life does throw curveballs at us: divorce, loss of spouse income, crippling medical debt, etc. Staying in communication, making payments and doing your best is the answer. Look closely at this debt consolidation company. How much do you send and how much goes tot he creditor? Far too many of them are scamming you. Yes they collect money from you monthly, and they pay their fee first. Then money flows to creditors, doing what you could have done on your own. This major debt sounds like a mortgage charge off, selling below market value. That requires a solid bankruptcy attorney.