Security Clearance sent to DOHA

I had an Interim-Secret clearance and it has changed to Declination by the DoD CAF. Its now sent to DOHA for an administrative judge to decide whether I get the secret clearance or not.
The reason why it got decline was because I indicated that I have No accounts in collections, but I did have some accounts in collection. They sent me an SOR in April and listed all the accounts. I signed it and approved that I do have those accounts in collections and asked for a Hearing. I have 7 accounts totally and I’ve quickly paid of 5 accounts in full and in the process of paying off the remaining 2 accounts. My clearance status is showing Pending.

  1. If I pay off all my 7 accounts will the DOHA grant me the clearance?

  2. I’m planning on leaving my current defense company and taking a new job with another defense company. I heard that when I leave my current company, my clearance application will be canceled and the processing/investigation will end. If so, is it a good idea to work for a new defense company? I’m guessing the new company will submit a new clearance application for me and by the time DoD process it I will have paid off my collection accounts.

Can you guess please advice me and help me out?

There is the issue of clearing up the accounts in collection, but there is also the issue of the accounts not being reported correctly on your clearance paperwork. You’re going to have to address that issue as well.

In addition to teh lack of candor in not disclosing the debts, a mitigating factor is that the individual made a good faith effort to address the issue prior to being confronted with it. In a DOHA appeal they will not consider new information, only review the information that was available when your clearance was denied. You cannot start making payments on debts after the fact and expect it to mitigate the issue,