DoE to DoD clearance with financial


I need help and advise.

I currently have a DoE Q clearance and my investigation was completed mid 2021. I recently got a job offer that requires DoD Secret. I went thru DISS and now DOHA want to set up a hearing. I have a total of 18k of private student loan from Navient and have a auto withdraw from my bank account.
Last month State Attorney released a lawsuit with Navient. Despite all the mess Navient will not be taking a payment. I’d called Navient and they told me they will not accept any payment at the moment which this hurts my credit.

My question is:

  1. My investigation was completed last year. As a transfer clearance why DoD have me go thru DOHA?

  2. Is my private student loan the factor or why I need to appear in DOHA?

  3. Do I need to hire a attorney?

Thank you soo much. This has been a 6months process and I’m stressed and confused.

Please continue to pay on your loans or get some type of payment plan. Dod does not care about lawsuits with student loans only that you are still paying and satisfying your debt.

PPP thank you, I tried but they’re not taking payment as many state attorney are filing a lawsuit against. What can I do at this moment?

I clearly understand. I had navient and they are horrible. I did a settlement with them and thats how i paid mine off but still have navient federal loans with are in a class a but doha lawyers dont care about that.

thank you, im a setting duck at the moment. navient not accepting anything and i hope doha understand

Try to get something in writing from them or pay them online and print where you paid them and show the doha judge. That way it shows effort on your part.

I appreciate your help. Is getting worst for me as Id check my navient account and my auto withdraw is paused. Navient is no longer taking my payment but showing late payments. Id called them and is given the same reply. Im requesting for a hard copy stating the lawsuit and not taking payment but they continue have me look at there website for further details as they dont send out copy.
I feel like my clearance is leding towards the wrong direction. Any advise how I can present to the doha judge? Ad navient kept on telling me to refer to there website? Can I screenshot or print there website as proof?

Try to pay them manually by going on their site. And screen shot everything and send it to the judge because they only care about what your doing to satify the debt.

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PPP thank you. I was able to make a certain amount but not full. Will this still effect my case? But I’m trying my best to handle this payment working at normal job.

Its something to prove you tried to pay

I try to make the full monthly amount just to get my dream job. But sometime is tuff to come with the amount. Will this impact me during the hearing?

My hearing is within 4 weeks.

Good luck on hearing but try to pay as much as possible. Its all about convincing the judge.

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Update: I’d just completed my hearing this morning. I provide all the documents but was a little unorganized for the group. At the end I did prove that I currently have a active TS with another agency. The judge was surprise and want me to resubmit my exhibit again.

I hope this is a positive and crossing my finger. Also I would like to thank you very much for the advises.

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I hope it means he is taking another look at it and considering granting your clearance.

Update: my status is granted.

Thank you very much PPP

Very good. I was also awarded my clearance