Debt Settlements

I received an email from my company SSO letting me know that the government contacted them regarding five specific accounts that’s on my credit. I immediately called every company and receive the settlement paid most of them off and then set up payments for two. I submitted all the documents and paperwork to my SSO. But my concern is that the government revoked my clearance due to settling the debt And my credit score afterwards. I’m not sure what steps I can take because it seems like other than taking care of the debt everything is out of my hands given that I have to communicate through my SSO and this is the first case he/she has had concerning debt and a security clearance being in jeopardy because of it. Does anyone have any advice on how I can stay on top of this without making it worst for myself?

I’m not a security officer, just somebody who has been dealing with security clearances and investigations and such for quite some time… now with that in mind, it sounds odd to me that the customer would discuss the details of your case with your employer. In my experience, the customer would tell your company’s security rep that they want to set up another interview or they need to do another poly or you should be expecting a certified letter… but not discussing details of your case (which is privacy act stuff) with the employer.

Even with direct hire government positions, security does not share much info with the HR types.


I’m actually not even sure it’s a “case” so to speak they just conteected to provide “explianions” on my accounts in bad standings

So i hold a Clerance with the army but work as a civilian contractor. Idk if that makes a difference but the government contacted my military unit as well as my company SSO with this issue. I’ve had my clearance for about 12 years. I’m not up for a reinvestigation. I was told this came up during a periodic check.

Was it revoked? Or you just think it might. Get clarification and make sure it is not your agency that wants to know

Could be the continuous evaluation, if you’re a DOD civilian, I bet dollars to doughnuts, that’s what you got.

There are going to be many, many stories like yours. People better get their debts timely and fast.

No more waiting for the reups.

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It wasn’t revoked they asked for clarification on certain items on my credit report

Ohhhh then that’s ok. Get it taken care of!! Have a really good explanation of why it went in to collections.

This sounds like the CE process and it does sound like the new story in the future.

FWIW, people with Secret clearances often become lackadaisical about self-reporting their issues and in the past depended on the “Oops! But the issue was 8 years ago” defense. CE is going to change the environment by forcing every clearance holder to follow the rules.

Here you had financial issues, one of the biggest clearance busters. You did not state if you had already reported these delinquent accounts to your unit, but DoD sent you a notice, then you took care of your debts.

Hopefully you get your security clearance back, but stories like yours are going to become more common until the word gets out to the general clearance population that the old grace periods are gone.

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