Background Interview AFTER accepting final offer for MRPT?

I have already accepted a final offer with an agency. The position was moderate risk public trust, no security clearance necessary. NOT a contractor position, rather a federal employee position. I have received a call from a background investigator asking for a phone interview because she says I filled out an SF86. I did not. I filled out an SF85P and Supplement. How strange is this?

This is not unusual. The new SF85P/supplement is similar to the SF86 and the investigator just misspoke.

OK. Glad to hear that. Thank you. Given that I have already accepted the final offer, do you think this is just a perfunctory process now? I mean, I doubt the agency would have offered me a position if they saw something disqualifying on all of my forms and eqip, right? And I certainly did not lie on any of my forms.

Federal background checks are never perfunctory. You should have no worries if you listed everything correctly on your questionnaire and did not lie/mislead on anything.

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Thanks. You are always a great source of wisdom. I will hope this is all normal. I read some other blogs that indicate some agencies do allow employees to start with a final offer before their background investigation is completed. Feel free add this to your data banks for future info on MRPT positions. I guess there is a quasi-“interim” process, but its not formally recognized.

I know a guy who submitted forms for some level of public trust and started a job with DoD. A couple months later, after he had started work, they said they had been a problem and he had to resubmit his forms. He was able to start work without the final resolution of the public trust, so it does happen.

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You have been granted Entry on Duty (EOD). This allows you to start work while your investigation continues.

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The same thing happened to me just yesterday. I already received my entrance on duty date and I got a phone call to do my background to interview investigation over the phone after I received notification of the entrance on duty date.

Ahhhh, ok. I am new to this. All of these terms are starting to gain meaning to me now. Thanks!