Background Investigation & CI Interview


I was granted security clearance on September 2019. My sponsor told me that there is no open position at this time. Then, I applied job somewhere else. The new company notified me that I need to have investigation account set up and CI interview scheduled. My question is : How often job seeker needs to have background investigation and CI inter done? Does it means that job seeker has to undergo background and CI interview whenever they applied for new job? Please advise. Thank you.

How often? It is not unheard of. Maybe there is something in the background investigation that they want more info on.

The thing I don’t understand is why such issues are sometimes handled by a background investigator, and sometimes they do it with a “CI Interview.”

What is an investigation account?

I was told by my company SFO to set up NBIB account. I am not sure what is for . Thank you.

Neither do we… NBIB ceased to exist in 2019.

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Sounds like the second job requires a different level of clearance and/or access to a special program.