Need another USCIS BI if Adjudicated 2018, left 2019, & coming back 2022?

Hello everyone.

I became an ISO with USCIS on 08/2018. My Background Investigation, SF 86, was adjudicated 10/2018. I left USCIS 09/2019, and returning to USCIS beginning of 2022.

Do I have to through another BI? I understand that if I had stayed, it would have been every 5 years.

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No idea what they’re going to do but worth noting that it has been over two years since you were last actively cleared, so based on that they could require an entire new BI.

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Oh, Ok.

I guess the new BI would be for the time after the last adjudication, 10/2018?

Or for the time after I left USCIS: 08/2019.

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Thank You!

As a minimum, the investigation starts at the date of the last investigation closure. This is before the adjudication date.

A misconception is that any developed issues that occurred before the last case closure “doesn’t count”. Each investigation opens the door to finding issues and concerns. It is the type of investigation that drives the depth of investigation.