DOE "Q" Adjudication Timeline

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what the realistic timeframes are these days for adjudicating a basically clean (and high priority) investigation for DOE Q access? OPM wrapped up the SSBI two weeks ago, and the agency has had the results for the past week. Statistics online refer to a 20-day target goal for the top 90% of Q adjudications with the average Q adjudication being completed within 15 days back in April 2014.

The only potential issue that may need adjudicating is that I did indicate on my SF-86 that I casually associated with a foreigner holding a green card but also indicated that I did not feel “bound” to the person by any means. The investigator said that she would indicate all of this in her report and suggested that I simply check “No” when it comes time for my reinvestigation in five years. Other than this one item, my SF-86 (and I assume my investigation) are otherwise uneventful (no firings, no financial, no foreign influence or holdings, no travel, no court, no legal, etc, etc).

Thank you.


Assuming your knowledge of the timelines is accurate, you already answered the question yourself. Give or take a week, 3 weeks is the average if no issues requiring more information are present.