Background Investigation Timelines

I am currently awaiting my Background Investigation to begin. Submitted my EQIP mid July and received a call from a DCSA Investigator two weeks later. Because I listed my legal address on my EQIP rather than the address I was at when I applied for the job and completed my paperwork, I was told the investigation would have to be re-assigned to the area I’m currently in. It has been 46 days Since I have heard anything from DCSA. What is the typical waiting perior for the initial interview to begin the background investigation? I have called DCSA and was told that my investigation is pending and on-going but I haven’t spoken to anyone since the end of July when I was told it would need to be re-assigned. Really looking forward to this job but concerned I’ve fallen trhough the cracks… Any info is greatly appreciated.

My guess is it depends on the workload and investigator availability in the area where it needs to be assigned.

The document told you to provide your actual residence. This is a common error even though this is one of the few areas on the security questionnaire that is pretty straightforward. People also don’t bother to list their job location but just list the company HQ.

Though it sucks, this one is on you unless you were at a temporary residence less than 90 days where you fully intended to return to your legal residence before the 90th day when you submitted your questionnaire. If this is truly a temporary residence, then the investigator should have held your case until your return - which still delays your case until your return.


My legal residence is in Texas, but the job I applied for is in Tucson, which is where I was when I applied. Previously living in my RV and exploring the U.S. , so my legal “nomad” residence was Texas. I just don’t want to fall throuogh the crack and miss an opportunity is all.

the residence rule would then depend on how long you’ve been in Tucson and if you were working.

If you were working in Tucson, then you want to report that residence pretty much regardless of the time there - otherwise you have to explain how you were commuting to NM from TX each day.

In your case, it sounds like all of the work, field and database, was done in Texas… now we have to do the work in areas we did not know about.