Case transferred to different investigator...What does this mean?!??

Hey guys! New to the blog here, but I’ve been reading message boards on this site ever since my investigation started in August 2017.

Anyway, in August I received a job offer that requires top secret security clearance (I can’t start the job until I get the clearance). I’m aware the investigation can take a long time, even possibly up to two years, but I’ve been patient about it, not really holding my breath.

Anyway, just this morning I received a call from an investigator who says he was assigned to my case, but he lives in the city where the job is, and since I don’t live there, he says he can transfer my case to a local investigator. So I said sure. But what on earth does this mean?? Does this mean that my background stuff is done and they’re ready to meet with me? Or does this mean they’re just now getting started with my investigation? I mean, they have to know that all my references/verifiers aren’t local, right?? I’m a bit confused. Can someone shed some light on this? He said he doesn’t have a timeline on when the transfer would be complete, but that it “shouldn’t take long.”

The same thing happened to me . . . My file was sent to an investigator in Maryland because the company that I was to work for is based there. However, my home and work location were to be in NJ. It only took about three weeks for the new investigator to reach out to me.

I doubt that very much has been done on your investigation. Your time is just about the same as mine. I submitted my SF86 in July 2016 and was contacted in January 2017. I didn’t get my clearance until November 2017 but I had some financial issues that I needed to work through. Otherwise I might have been cleared in July '17.

The Subject interview is initially scheduled to the work site reported.

Let it run its course, stop thinking so much. They know what they’re doing.

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It merely means you are actively being investigated. A local guy/gal will not take the reigns to check contacts, verify school references etc. Relax…breathe…

I’m not “thinking too much”, nor doubting that they know what they’re doing. I’ve never done this before, so I was just wondering. Thanks for your input.

Okay, cool. I don’t have much expectation in regards to the timeline, but I was just curious. Thanks for your reply!

I am relaxed, and I am breathing, lol. These were all just questions out of curiosity. Thank you!

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