Blackmail & Coercion question

I’ve seen a lot of references to a question typically asked about any information that could be used for blackmail and coercion in the subject’s life.

I know there are a few things in my personal life that are embarrasing/ I’d rather not have my family and friends know even if I’d have no problem admitting them to friends & family if really needed.

If the subject has something in his or her past that could potentially be used to blackmail even if he or she doesn’t think they are susceptible (nothing illegal, having no problem disclosing information to family and friends if needed, would only cause embarrassment not catastrophic damage) does it have to be mentioned in response to that question? I wouldn’t want to overthink something and disclose too much, but I also wouldn’t want to be accused of omission. Thanks for any insight.

Only the applicant can really know if issue x can be used against them in the form of blackmail or
Coercion. So, something you couldn’t be blackmailed over could be used against someone else… so it’s applicant specific.

We all have embarrassing things that have happened to us…. What matters is that can that be used against you. If you feel there is a chance of this then yes you should disclose and discuss that with the investigator.

Seems like your overthinking a little but you alone have to ultimately have to make the determination.

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