BOP & Employment Questionaire

I am in the steps of getting hired with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I recently took my urinalysis and have already gone through the OPM investigations. I’m now in the pre-employment process and have a question concerning my background. AS FOLLOWS

Family member that was incarcerated

My biological mother however she did not raise me and is not listed on my birth certificate. Her information is as follows
xxx incarcerated for murder & dist Controlled substance in 1988 and served time in xxx. She was incarcerated again in 2013 for Fraud and is currently in the xxx.

My driving violations are as follows

1.Speeding ticket in the late summer of 2013 in xxx I paid the ticket online approx $140

2.Ran a red-light (accident) in the summer of 2012 in xxx while on leave in from Afghanistan. Received the ticket in the mail. Approx $70

Misdemeanors as follows

I am questionable about these because they don’t and have never showed up on my record as a conviction.

1.Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. I gave transportation to some high school kids while they had skipped school. It was right after I graduated high school approx early fall of 2002. Disposition - I believe I was just warned; I know I never paid a fine or served time.

2.Shoplifting – During my 10th grade year of high school approx summer of 2000 I had took place in a dare and shoplifted some developed pictures from a retail store. Disposition – I paid a fine and that was it; however the record was sealed due to me being a juvenile and the youthful offender status.

With that being said the BOP has an equation to aid in picking canidates where they put 16 variables into the equation concerning your background, work history, incarcerated family, debts, and driving history.

I have not been in trouble with the law since then, am attending college and have held a secret security clearance with the Army. Would I be an acceptable canidate?

Based on the information you provided there would be no reason to think you wouldn’t pass the screening for a BOP position. The only caveat would be you could not be assigned to a prison where your mother is.