CACI - new point count

Hope all BIs are hanging in there. I can’t believe (actually, nothing surprises me) that CACI will be revising their point counts for 2 types of interviews. Of course, it starts on Jan. 1, 2021 (What is different about that date vs. today or 6 months ago WRT phone interviews??). From what I have heard from PRSP, there was no change to the value of an interview since going to phone calls - but CACI thinks they can micro-manage this to ridiculous levels. I don’t know what they think will be accomplished by these changes (certainly, no raises for anyone). Any insights from the field would be welcome…

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As usual, they fed us breadcrumbs. It’s almost comical, just like the ridiculous backpacks they gave us as Christmas gifts. Unbelievable!!!


For Christmas SCIS gave us continued reduced hours “due to covid” while guaranteeing newly hired part timers 20 hrs a week. Too bad lying isn’t illegal. Using a pandemic as a crafty business move is a fun game of limbo…how low can you go. I would rather have the backpack.

Have you been on reduced hours? Or were you ever bumped up back to full time?

I don’t understand how they are continually cutting our hours and then hiring more people… Nor do the poor employees that were laid off recently due to “lack of work”.

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I’ve been on reduced hours since the beginning of Covid and they have never reinstated hours to this day. Meanwhile they’ve hired many part-timers and IC’s.

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Funny I have read a lot of positive reviews about CACI. Seems outside of the BI contract, they are a decent place to work.

I am so excited to use my backpack (likely left over swag from the countless conventions that have been canceled due to Covid) to pack up all my stuff and move from one end of the couch to the other…


You’re are probably right about the source of the backpack! Mine went straight to a homeless shelter and I am hoping to see someone “advertising” for CACI on the streets soon!!
Here’s another bone of contention - the time to when one gets put on the Do Not Assign list keeps getting shorter - went from 20 to 18 to 15 as the new goal. Crazy, especially during the holidays - but, it is another way to whip us. Having every investigator trying to beat out the next person is a great way to get quality work done (Sarcasm font)…

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wow the complaining never stops. im sure those backpacks were given out in good spirit. im sure if they gave you a car, people would complain it wasnt a ferrari. complainers will always find something to complain about, doers will fight thru and figure it out. take that to the bank. oh no! they just reopened one of my cases, im gonna go post about it and complain on the RZ discussion.

I’m so happy that I’ve lost nearly $15,000 this year because of reduced hours that were given to newly hired part-timers. I am so grateful for 2 weeks unpaid Christmas vacation because my leave was used up to supplement my reduced hours. It’s so awe-inspiring that in 20 years I’ve never had 2 weeks unpaid leave. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Let the freaking awesomeness continue. How’s that? And yes I am looking for another job!


You must be a Field Manager or Section Lead and obviously don’t understand the frustrations of how horribly Investigators have been treated in recent years by the vendors.


negative. just a BI with two options…1 is to quit and find ANY job that is not as “stressful” or abusive as this one, 2 is to work hard, keep your mouth closed and move forward. many people do not have a job at all. times are hard for everyone but some post are becoming more complaining than informational. I wish you the best and hope you find peace within you.

Im plenty busy and have plenty of contracts. So I am not only surviving but still thriving in this industry as an IC. But overall what happens on a daily basis to the Investigators because of how poorly the vendors treat the Investigator is egregious. I am mainly pointing out the poor treatment from Perspecta, CACI, and SCIS. And you are right everyone has the opportunity to leave but it’s not an easy transition for many when their job skills and skill set is in this uniquely defined niche of providing personnel security background investigations for 15-25 years. So show a little empathy and move along with your fortunate breaks and luck that got you to your opportunity.


Based on several years and being an IC with different contractors in this field I can tell you they all do this. If you don’t like it RUN RUN far away ASAP. Vendors have 1 gosl, money. Forget the euphemisms they say they want to accomplish. The points change based on what they can tweek on the workload and nothing more. This contract OPM/NBIB/DCSA is abusive the way it’s run no matter where you go.

The most laughable thing was when a SVIP had a conference call and said that he was happy we remained where we were at and the reason was because looking at what we could do we had the option of going anywhere. Do not believe that because like the other investigator said the skill set is unique and for the most part only usable to vendors. If you tried to go to a company who had interacted with an investigator at some point the only thing they see is a form checker which is what the vendors have created.

The above is a soapbox that any investigator who has been doing the work for more than a year or two will understand. So to be back on topic to this post if you don’t like the points just leave go somewhere else that’s your best bet for your sanity and your career health.

On the lighter side… yep I know there’s a typo RZ me.

Your stance is truly bizarre in my humble opinion.

Everyone is aware that leaving the field is a potential option, and many including myself have done so. It doesn’t make those individuals any less hardworking or driven, nor does it make the MANY complaints about vendors/etc. any less accurate or disheartening.

I’m not sure why people venting about the issues they have with the field concerns you, but you clearly disagree, which is fine.