New CACI Metrics and timekeeping

CACI employee here. Today starts the new metrics and timekeeping. Looking to see what other Investigators think about the new requirements. Will you be able to meet the new requirements? They seem unrealistic to me. They will be writing a ton of shortfall notices over the next two three months. Then what, will they fire everyone when they continue to not meet numbers?

Hopefully nobody meets these unrealistic numbers. I hope they write us all up! But we know they won’t….they can’t fire the entire workforce….but unfortunately there are so many people that work off the clock (my entire team for example) who break their backs to make their numbers. There is such a fear that they will be fired or disciplined that they 100% work off the clock. For that reason alone, caci will get away with these new metrics and disciplining those of us who are not willing to work off the clock.

Has anyone been notified if they are urban or rural? If I read the email right, everyone in a town of over 2500 is considered urban!?!?! How can the USCB determine where my work is and how many investigators are in my area??

This whole thing is infuriating.


Very few will be considered rural, because most of us are within 60 miles of a populated area. Our team was notified all of us are considered Urban, pending PMO review.

The urban an suburban designations have not been set yet for starters. Maybe if 75% of the field hits these new metrics the PMO would feel justified in performance managing the 25% that fell short. But if much more than that miss that isn’t a performance problem but rather a problem with the metrics.

The urban/suburban designation went into effect on January 1st, so they better have it all figured out! But then again, this is CACI….

I don’t even have enough work to meet metrics for the week . Not to mention admin and shipping manifest goes under production. Not sure what their game plan is but it isn’t looking good .

I wonder how CACI will give Paragon work as a sub when there isn’t enough work for current employees? Things aren’t adding up.

Not that I work for the competition, but what are your requirements for SUs per week?

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Production requirements vary by levels.

I’d love to share the new point structure to put CACI on blast as I think they are insane implementing this new time tracking. It’s based on 8 hour days with zero travel, manifesting, IT issues or admin credits. For fear of breaking company confidentiality I don’t dare to provide exact numbers on a public forum.

The “PMO” I say this with air quotes because we are told this is the person behind the curtain pulling the puppet strings with each crazy, rapid fire, head spinning, knee jerk change here at CACI.

The PMO is so focused on drilling every ounce of blood out of us FIs that they are not bothering to look at the big picture and make changes that really matter. Such as BETTER ZONING, implementing a team focused on cleaning up old cases, communicate with the customer to get better training for the Security Specialist that reviews the SQ before it hits our system for field work. Bottom line find ways to work smarter and more efficiently.

Also fire the PMO behind the curtain.


Yes, yes, yes to the Security Specialist training. There should be an option for us to reject cases until they return with corrected case papers.

There is a very large, well known defense contractor who consistently tells their pre-hire candidates to list that they have already started with the company. I spend a huge chunk of my days tracking down Subjects just to confirm they actually live across the country and will not move to my area until they receive their clearance. All that time and effort just for me to reschedule my work away.


I know EXACTLY what defense contractor you’re referring to and it drives me insane as well. It takes forever to track down these Subjects only to end up rescheduling the interview after all that work for zero credit. So frustrating.

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I don’t understand how DCSA doesn’t make them stop.

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I had a security official quote me some guideline somwhere that gave them permission to do so. At least it gives you a supervisor to contact for help. I always add a subejct contact with the details of my interactions with Subjects in this case. I want my work /labor reflected properly if I touched/worked the case, I want it properly documented.


I started doing the same thing. I have always had everything documented meticulously in my notes, but now, I’ll add 75 SUBC’s if necessary to reflect in my metrics how much I am actually interacting with a Subject.