CAF taking way to long


I had a TS clearance for 17years. I was laid off back in June of 2013. There was a current reinvestigation pending from December of 2012. I found a company who would hire me in November of 2013. They waited for the CAF to adjudicate me until June of 2014 then dumped me. I have since found another company who wishes to hire me since October of 2014. They are still waiting for the CAF to bless my clearance. I have talked to the CAF questioning the time frame and keep getting told it is in an investigators hands. I also was told that it passed the first time around and is now on the second pass. This time frame is getting a little out of hand. Since the security person from either company would only talk to JPAS. Who can I turn to?


You should submit a FOIA request to OPM:
to get a copy of your completed investigations. Doesn’t sound like the previous investigation was ever closed/complete, if it was it would be a simple matter for the CAF to review and adjudicate it.



I already have a copy of my investigations. The latest one closed 12/2012. The CAF and JPAS said everything looks good. Their just dragging their feet. That is why I need to know who to go to above them. I also looked at the information from the department of justice but their 200+ page file doesn’t cover this. Forget about seeing a congressman. The ones from my state voted against funding the military when we have 7 bases here.

I’m also tired of hearing that it takes 2 years ( CAF ) for them to do their job.


My clearance was investigated and closed in December of 2012. I have had multiple companies try to get my clearance adjudicated and one has waited up to 7 months. The problem is the CAF. My clearance has not once been denied. The CAF is just playing with them. What I found out when I called the CAF is that they want the Security Officer to call them knowing that they won’t. I have had nine Security Officers from different companies who wanted to hire me inform me that they have never called the CAF and refuse to. So the CAF puts your clearance in limbo.


Without knowing all the facts, that just does not sound right and someone should take the bull by the horns and run down/resolve the holdup. Perhaps some of these security officers you mentioned are holding something back or just don’t want to go the extra mile.


That’s right, finding someone who is willing to go the extra mile and call the CAF. Like I mentioned all of the security officers refuse to call the CAF because they have " Never called them in 20 years". But it is alright for me to and that is how I know that they want the FSO to call. I have sent a letter to my congressman because it has gotten out of hand. He has replied that he is opening a complaint with the CAF to see what is going on. If he hasn’t received a response in 30 days he said he will then go to Department of Justice.

One of the other things the CAF told me in the beginning is that it will take up to 2 years for them to grant my adjudication. In that time frame my OPM investigation will become void. Another excuse to use. Remember they told congress that they was going to cut clearances by 425K. I guess they will find any way to make me one of the cut ones.