Any FSOs Out There?

On this site we hear mostly from applicants and investigators, but nothing from any former or current Facility Security Officers. If any of you browsing through this blog and would like to contribute to the discussion we would love to hear from you about past and current processes and situations you ran across.

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New to the site. Although this thread is a bit old, I wanted to check-in as an FSO.

Welcome to the the forum. Feel free to throw anything out there that you are experiencing from your perspective.

I perform this function on this contract. I have worked Personnel, Info and Industrial Security issues for 18 plus years.

Hi amberbunny. I was told by OPM my investigation was completed Aug 2016. When I emailed DOD CAF to see how long it took for them to adjudicate cases they stated it only takes them a few months to adjudicate cases once they receive them. Is there some in-between step I don’t know about. I am a recent grad and have a squeaky clean background I was given my interim ts clearance rather quickly. Do you know why this is taking so long?

Having just received a reinvestigation package 2 years and 8 months after it was started and the BI closed Jan 2015…I called and spoke to Clearance division. They said there wasn’t anything unusual at all and it took that long to put the moving parts together. I recently learned they only go to a panel if there is any questions as to suitability. Previously I was under the impression all went to a panel. You learn and learn the longer you are in here. 15 to 18 months isn’t out of the question if it is the first clearance after an interim.

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