Can another agency grant an interim while another investigates you?

So I applied for an IC agency. Since TS/SCI takes FOREVER, I decided to do other things and got a job with the AF that requires only Secret. I understand that no 2 BI’s can happen at the same time but can the AF somehow “see” what the IC has (e.g. favorable NAC check) and then give me an Interim from that? Or am I out of luck?

Any thoughts is appreciated. Thanks!

Each “main” agency uses their own databases so it is entirely possible State department could be conducting a BI and the DoD may also be conducting NAC’s. Reciprocity is supposed to make all honor the work of others but I can tell you it isn’t always trusted or honored. One agency may have a tough line on drugs the other may feel it is a mitigated issue…so differing standards or interpretations of the adjudicative standards more correctly can allow for that. I know you can work for multiple contracts and exist on several shelves simultaneously…but even then when you start a part time cleared position (they exist) it can cause your prime company sponsorship to get turned off. Happens constantly with our 400 employees.

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