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Hello All: I am currently undergoing a security investigation for TS/SCI, however, a position with another IC agency just opened up. What are the risks, if any, if I apply to that one while I am in the middle of a current investigation? In that other agency’s application, the agency actually asked if I am undergoing a security investigation and asked me to identify the agency which is currently sponsoring me.

If there are any risks to my current position, I would rather not apply as my preference is my current sponsoring agency. However, the other agency would potentially serve as a back-up and is in the similar line of work.

Welcome any advice! Thanks!

The reason they ask you that is to prevent duplicate investigations being submitted if the on-going one meets the other agency requirements. IC agencies exchange people all the time so it should not affect your employment eligibility and you have nothing to lose by having a back-up option.

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Terrific, thanks as always Marko.