Can New Seurity Process Jeopardize Existing Clearance?

Hello all, and thank you in advance for your attention.

I currently hold a TS clearance with one government agency and am being considered for another position at another government agency. I anticipate no issues, but am curious of the following:

If for some reason I do not get cleared for the new position, would that in any way potentially jeopardize my clearance that I currently hold?

Appreciate any feedback and can clarify as needed.

If you get a denial of clearance…yes. If it is for cause such as recreational drugs, finances etc…it absolutely can impact the current clearance. Are you applying for a higher level of clearance on the new position?

Thanks AB, no as far as I know it is just a transfer. And I have nothing new of anything to report. No prob with anything you mentioned. I just heard of someone who had TS and then went for a polygraph to get higher clearance and not only got denied, but also lost his TS as well.

I really have nothing I am hiding, I was a completely open book. But if I did not get cleared and it came back and bit me in terms of the clearance I have now is what I am concerned with. I am just afraid that one agency may have different rules, etc, where they say no, and then the original agency that gave me clearance would take that as a reason to roll back something they had already given me. Does that make sense?