Can you please give you opinion if I will get interim?

Hey all,

They sent out my sf-86 form yesterday. I lived in Philippines for past 7 years for college. I’m a born US citizen. Really only have only four foreign contacts that I stayed in contact with. Have no debt, crime or credit issues. Marijuana use from 2014 - 2018 about 10 times sporadically. Left a statement in the comments that I have no intent at all to use drugs ever again and that I see it as detrimental to a person’s well being.

What do you think are my odds for interim or final secret?

Security officer told me I should expect a result within 28 days.

Probably zero. The foreign contacts will need further info.

Interim… probably not. Final… well, maybe, but it might take a while.

A lot longer than 28 days that is :slight_smile:

Maybe the security officer meant you would hear about the interim within 28 days. And remember, not getting an interim does not mean you would not eventually get a final secret clearance.

The foreign contacts are just friends from college I still talk to and my uncle who i just message monthly to see how hes doing.

Thanks for input!!

Do you think ill be granted the clearance in the end?

I guess the real issue is the drug use. Used to be no drug use within the past two years but now it seems like within the past 12 months. Of course it varies. For a secret clearance I dont think the foreign contacts that you have described are an issue, although they may slow things down.

Of course nobody here can say for certain but my security clearance magic eight ball says “All signs point to yes”

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Since this is an SF-86, it’s almost guaranteed your situation will be flagged for a triggered interview. In that interview you can Most likely expect:

  1. The need to provide full details on your time in the Philippians (when, where, why, foreign government interactions, foreign nationals interactions, intention to return/interact…).

  2. Information for All foreign national contacts - family, friends, acquaintances that are considered close and continuing. Their names, DOB, POB, citizenship, current address, current employer, foreign government interactions, and their knowledge of your clearance investigation.

  3. An in-depth review of the drug use. What drug, when used, how much used, where it came from, who was involved, reason for use, dependency, future use, money involved, counseling, treatment, or law enforcement interactions.

While you might look at these situations as minor portions of life, for a clearance these issues need resolution to the point of US government being comfortable that what you have been involved with is not a risk toward blackmail or future hang ups.

Be forthcoming about the details needed. A nonchalant attitude approach on your part won’t do you any favors.

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