Can't remember the name of my old psychiatrist

I have longstanding major depression and ADHD. I get legal, prescribed medication for both, including a stimulant that I use as prescribed. When I go for drug screenings, I bring signed documentation and it’s not an issue. I’m currently in treatment and I have the contact information for the psychiatrist I saw for ~2.5 years in my old city and my new psychiatrist who I’ve seen for ~5 months in my new city.

The problem is that in Spring 2015? Maybe? I saw a psychiatrist for a few months. I didn’t like him, he was too far away, and he cost too much, so I found a new local psychiatrist and stuck with him. I have no idea of that guy’s name. I looked in the office I thought he worked at but no one who works there rings a bell. I don’t have the same insurance, I don’t have my checkbooks from back then, nothing. “Some guy in (state)” isn’t going to cut it. Googling literally every psychiatrist in that state isn’t triggering a memory.

Finding a good therapist is damn hard, so it’s not uncommon to work with someone for a few sessions, realize the person isn’t a good fit, and find someone else. But this guy comes up as a total blank. What do I do on e-QIP?

Are you using an outdated version of the SF86? Because this wouldn’t need to be listed based on what you’re describing.

Why would this not have to be listed? The SF86 asks if you have ever seemed mental counseling.

I think the latest version only asks if you are currently in treatment, so I think you have that part covered.

The current version only asks if you have been hospitalized for mental illness, if a court/agency has ordered your treatment, if you have been declared mentally incompetent, or if you have been diagnosed with a specific disorder (schizophrenia, bipolar, etc).