Career decision advice

Greetings all,

Recently I was granted a TS to do BI as a contractor but I am looking for an advice in what to do.

Currently I am a federal employee and make around $40,000 annually (Police Officer).

I always wanted to do this job but I have some concerns and hopefully someone can guide me.

I am planing to do this job full time in my area and want to know how profitable it can be and what can be the worst scenario in terms of case volume as a contractor.

Also, I want to know how the periodic reinvestigations works with the contractors; do we submit request for PRs years before expiration or when? Can we investigate other people while being investigated for PRs? I ask this because I am afraid of the backlog and I don’t want to be there waiting 1 or 2 years while my PRs is getting adjudicated without earning any money.

I understand that CIs don’t have benefits and I am ok with that for now. I have a service connected disability from the VA, and it is one of the main reasons to pursue a career change that is less physically demanding while “kind of” be in the same field.

I tried applying for federal BIs openings in my area with no luck of getting an interview.

I am just 30 years old, married (no kids) wife has a stable job.

Thank you, any help will be greatly appreciated.

Currently for TS, PRs are being submitted after six years. You will still be able to work while the PR is being conducted.

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I would stay working as a Police Officer if I were you.