Changing Eqip Drug History

Had previously not admit to any drug ( only marijuana ) use on previous Eqip… now I need to do another one… will both Eqips be compared and will they find I lied on the first one if I put drug usage on new one? Thanks!

Yes. They will look at your previous investigation. If you tell different stories, you will be questioned about them. The amount of trouble caused will pretty much directly relate to the amount that your story changed. What did you lie about? How much use? The time frame?

Discrepancies between both eqips will be found and recorded. Having lied on your eqip before will most likely create an issue now. I don’t know what govt. agency or department this is, but I know that pretty much all of them are not okay with deceit or failure to disclose.

It was 6 times, last time 4 years ago and just marijuana… I’m not sure if my B.I investigation started because I failed my poly and never met with a B.I… your thoughts?

You will probably be denied. Sorry, don’t do drugs.

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