Children and their Impact on Security Clearance

I have a person with whom I work who is having major issues with their son. Their son has gotten involved with underage drinking and has been caught smoking marijuana. They have found marijuana on his person and disposed of them and disciplined the boy. However, nothing appears to be changing with this situation and here are my questions:

  1. Do I need to report this to our SSO? I have no further knowledge of the extent other than what I have been told over the last few days. The quantity appears to be small (personal use).

  2. Do they need to report it to our SSO? They are dealing with it within the family currently from their statements and looking into rehab from what I understand.

  3. Can your children’s behavior with illegal drugs (or other criminal activity) impact your clearance?

It is not required to report the activities of children, and it appears that they are doing the right thing by not allowing the use of illegal drugs. It will not affect their clearance status, but it also would not hurt to report it to the SSO to mitigate any concerns of being able to be influenced through blackmail because of it.