CI Focus interview

Hi all,

Just seeking more information on the CI focus interview…
can you please help me to understand what is it and when is it usually scheduled, performed by, etc
sorry still new to this and saw that on jd so am curious…

Thanks all in advance.

I have not heard this term, but sometimes there is a specific issue that they want to dig into. It may be conducted by an actual CI investigator as opposed to a background investigator, and may require that you go to the customer site.

Or it could be something else entirely :slight_smile:


I see, yes not sure myself and Google wasn’t much of a help. So I figured i would ask here. Have not seen this term anywhere in the topics. Hope someone can provide more insights…

thank you @sbusquirrel :raised_hands:t2:

In my experience, CI is the acronym for counterintelligence.

You should really refer to the agency or person conducting this interview.

But without much context as to the purpose and your reason for being subjected to this interview, the forum won’t be able to help.

I see. Thank you @HARPOON! I will bring this up to the FSO and ask more questions)

The FSO might not know anything more than “Mr Noname01 needs to be here at 9 AM on the 12th for an interview”

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@sbusquirrel true-true…