“Eyes Only Package” w/Interrogatory


I recently received an “eyes only” package through my FSO. I haven’t looked at it in detail but it appears to be an interrogatory—includes a copy/transcript of my subject interview and they’re asking for more information on an employment termination (which I detailed very well in the interview). Some parts of the interview write up are not quite what I said in my subject interview so I’d like to provide more information/clarification.

My initial thought is to get an attorney/rep to make sure I answer everything the best I can & hopefully get this wrapped up.

I had a TS previously w/SAP & it slightly lapsed so I’m being reinvestigated. Thoughts??

My only thought (and a half-baked one at that) is why did they do this through an “interrogatory” and not just have an investigator do a follow-up? I’ve had similar requests for info done that way but maybe it varies by agency.

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Good question. I don’t physically possess any documentation on the incident (their request) so I’m not sure exactly what the best response would be. I just retained an attorney so I hope it can be resolved. I also didn’t agree with how I was quoted in parts of the subject interview so I’m hoping to resolve that as well.

I also have another TS investigation (different job) currently in progress that I believe is IC, so I’ll probably be posting in this forum a LOT. :clown_face: