Receiving an “eyes only” package, would this be an SOR?

My FSO informed me that the DOD is sending him a package labeled “eyes only”, i asked him what this could mean and he says it is something either found during the investigation or something that needs clarification. Could this mean only something negative? If there was something missed wouldn’t there have been a follow up interview before the investigation was closed?

It seems to me that the most likely content is a denial and SOR. Although, strangely mine was mailed to me directly. It is possible that it is a request for more information from the adjudicator.

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By the way . . . If this is a denial, please come back here for help . . . You have limited time to file an appeal and you don’t want to waste it.


That’s what I was thinking as well. But if it was a denial wouldn’t they have told me that? My FSO isn’t saying there has been a determination made. And he says they are sending the packet to him first then to me. I had 3 things in my background that were all addressed in the SF-86. If they are expecting clarification I don’t know what I could provide that they wouldn’t already have.

  1. 3 things in collections that totaled less than $1500 and were paid off in 2014
  2. An installment agreement with the IRS for 2017, that was set up the same year and was not considered delinquent according to the IRS. My work had my as a contractor before being able to put me on pay roll.
  3. A summarized Article-15 in 2009 in the army that resulted in deduction of $200 and 7 days extra duty. For some reason there was a copy of the punishment and not the incident.

All were addressed and/or mitigated prior to filling out the SF-86 and were listed on the form as well. I have no idea what this could be.

Are you working with an interim? Or do they have unclassified work that you are doing? If you cleared, there is no package to send. Your employer would be informed. Denials are often, if not usually sent to the employer in this fashion.

If you are denied for any of the three reasons listed, they would appear to be easily mitigated in a hearing. But, of course, I don’t have all of the facts.

I’m working at a civilian job, not related to whose hiring me for the clearance. Thanks for all your input, much appreciated. I’m curious as to what’s coming out of this. Will give an update

I also forgot to ask, if the eyes only package I’m waiting on my FSO to receive is an SOR, then would my case have been sent to DOHA by now? I called them and gave them my social to see and they said there’s no record of it being there. Or does it get sent there after I’ve received it. My FSO did say I would be receiving a package to my address as well.

I don’t know but I suspect that they would wait to have you acknowledge receipt before sending it over. Actually, thinking about it a little more, it’s not likely that they send it to DOHA until you notify them of your intension to appeal the decision. It wouldn’t make sense to do otherwise.

Ok thank you. I contacted an attorney and said that it is either an SOR or an interrogatory.

They are asking you to clarify something. My friend got the same thing.

Ok thanks for the clarification