Receiving an “eyes only” package, would this be an SOR?

So you signed something, and you don’t even know what it was about ?

I read it several times and came to the conclusion nothing more was needed. Although, it seemed odd there wasn’t anymore instructions. The reason being that finding examples of an SOR/LOI/Warning letters in this form is difficult on the internet.

The rabbit hole got to me and I called several lawyers - where one said it was an SOR and the rest had no idea what it was.

Was hoping this blog could shine some light.

Yes, mine came in a tan envelope and inside was a request for additional information form and a return envelope with the return address on it. It also stated I had a time limit to return it and contact info if I had any questions or concerns. I’m not familiar with what yours could be as I haven’t heard of an eyes only package either but I did assume the worst. Good luck!

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Thank you for sharing. My package turned out to be nothing more than a warning letter. I got cleared a week after receiving it. Thank you for your help!