DCSA Eyes Only Package

I have received an eyes only package regarding some past financial obligations that went into collections. I still have not paid off some of it, paid off some. My question is, the amount is not large amount that we can see in some of DCSAs denial. Does receiving such eyes only package means the step before denial?

Your position must be in industry since you received a double wrapped eyes only package.

The next step depends on your response. It sounds like you received a packet of questions (interrog) that will include and pertain to each reported financial issue.

You are expected to address each issue and should include information regarding payment: proof of payment, proof of a payment agreement, or explanation of efforts on your part to arrange payment, dispute billing and any other type of contact made with the financial entity that you owe money to.

Should you choose to not provide a full response it wouldn’t surprise me the next item you are given is a Statement of Reason that explains why your clearance is being revoked or not granted.

Yes my position is for the industry and I do intend to provide full response. Do i have chance of being cleared with reasonable, honest full response? This is what is making me a bit anxious.

Providing a response that payment had been made with proof or that a payment plan has been arranged with proof has a good chance at reaching the mitigation threshold.

Saying payment will take place w/o some tangible proof will not get you to the mitigation needed.

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Thank you for your response.

I submitted my response yesterday and the adjudicator adjudicated my application in my favor today. The whole process from filing SF-86 till clearance being granted took 1 year and 4 months for me. I had to file congressional inquiry which suddenly caused the interrogatory to appear after 1 week of inquiry. The investigation was completed back in October 2022.