Fiscal year clearance process

Hi All,

We’re in fiscal year and curious to know if this effects the duration of gaining a clearance?
I’d waited 3months.

Thank you in advance.

We’re always in some fiscal year. Do you mean ‘continuing resolution’ or one of the other budget circuses that always seems to be in effect these days?

Continuing resolution. SO completed there side and waiting for DISS.
I hope that make sense.

Don’t worry, once you get cleared and start working in this business, you will become fluent in all the nuances of this babblespeak :slight_smile:

The interesting part here is that, seeing as how the investigating agency (formerly part of OPM now part of DoD and whose name I cant recall) charges other agencies for their services, they might not be affected by any funding slowdown.

Or is that only relevant during an actual shutdown…?

Anyway, you can’t really do anything at this point other than stress yourself out. Try to relax (I know thats easy for me to say) and one day you’ll get the word.

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Thank you again.

Id been waiting and stressing myself out crazy, id keep on double checking my forms and sf86 and everything is correct. This LOJ got me worry but I currently have active ts from another agency. I dont know what to expect and hoping that the new year hold bright future and getting my clearance.

Thank you once again and i will try not to think tok much.

Update: I’d received a “EYE ONLY” package and DSCA email.
I’ve never don’t this before and is nervous. I’m not sure which documents to return as it states a email and physical email. I believe these are time sensitive and possible need additional time.
My question is; which document I need to send? Receipt and SOR form?. Also do I need to contact my SO?

Thank you

Take a close look at the materials. I suspect they may want an email to acknowledge receipt followed by a more detailed response via regular mail.

I don’t think you need to contact your security officer. At this point it is between you and DSCA.

Once again thank you. The email request to be email but the instruction gave another way of submitting the documents.
I’m confuse but I will try to contact the DSCA.

I still confused with this process.

I currently have a Q and my investigation was completed last year in June. I’m currently pursuit my dream job which requires a secret but later will need a TS and have me go thru DSCA again for a DoD clearance.
I’d been watching “ClearanceJob” on youtube and recalled that DISS can cross over Q to TS. Please help me understand why I would need to go thru DSCA while I have a active Q?.

Thank you soo much.