Eyes Only Package

Greetings, I received an “Eyes Only Package” from my work’s security person. I already reached out to DSCA for the password to open the file.

At this point I am freaked out, as I do not know yet the contents of such package. I asked the security person what was the purpose of this and the security person told me that usually is an inquiry for additional information to properly process my final clearance.

Knowing this community is experienced in this type of activity, can someone help me out?

Thanks in advance

All you need to know will be contained in the correspondence. Simply read and follow any instruction within.

Somebody posted a similar question here not too long ago. They were expecting the worst. Turned out to be nothing too serious.

It could be a request for additional information from the adjudicator. Some agencies will reach out by email but others will go this route.

Try not to freak out too much, you will almost certainly survive.

Sorry… a failed attempt at humor to defuse the tension :slight_smile:

Thanks for the positive remarks. I have not received the password yet… more to come.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I was granted my clearance in March 2020, prior to getting it I also got an “eyes only” package. It was a request for additional info from the adjudicator on a particular matter. I had a 3 year installment agreement with the IRS for a year of contract work where I was on a 1099. This was before being sponsored for a clearance. All I had to do was call the IRS and get paperwork showing all payments were made on time, no amount was remaining (or if payments were still ongoing they were getting taken care of), and that I did not owe any state/local taxes during the 3 years. I also went the extra mile and got current paperwork showing I did not owe any taxes at all and was up to date for the current year. I sent in the paperwork and was cleared. Hope this helps.

Thanks for sharing your story.

I finally got the contents and they are tied to collection accounts. Some of them have been disputed and removed, some of them paid and some of them I am currently working with a debt consolidation company to handle.

I have the feeling my chances are heading to the drain at Mach 3 speed.

Should I start looking at jobs with no clearance?

Don’t give up yet. I don’t know how they look at these debt consolidation companies but at least you are taking steps to address the problem.

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What was the outcome? I’ve seen loads of these. Normally request for more info.

I’ve seen 4 levels:

  1. Confirm this address; resolved by person
  2. Some form of minor issue…bills not paid…security manager and person resolved
  3. Kinda secret. Requires person talk to government security office in person.
  4. More serious…" we need bring you in for an interview." Still not clearance revoking…

So anything from benign to interview. But if it is a revocation…those are fast and swift. If they need info…Plenty wiggle room.

I am waiting for my credit reports to arrive and answer the questions from DCSA regarding my accounts. I have up to the middle of next month to reply.

Credit reports won’t give you full picture. Entirely possible a deep dive found a bill from 7 years ago you can’t pay. They wrote it off. I’ve seen that several times. All you can do is explain to best of ability. If it was an isolated case…no problem. A recovered credit score isn’t what they look for. It is a “will you live up to obligations of trust” issue. If you recall the debt just admit it. If you never had an account there…tell them that. Mistakes are frequently made in these areas

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I was informed by my security office this week that they received a “eyes only” packet.

My clearance was favorably re-adjudicated or re-issued earlier this summer 2021. Could it be a SOR even thought my clearance was re-issued or could it be asking for clarification from my investigation results?

Does anyone know what it could be ?

I am really nervous.

I am assuming if it was really bad they would have told me already or my clearance would not have been re-newed.

Any takers on this matter or can provide feedback ?!?

Any of us could only speculate. In this case, it would be more of a wild guess. But I do tend to agree with you, that if they were going to pull your clearance they would have done so immediately and followed up with the paperwork.


Yeah I am not sure what to think → Ill find it out soon :slight_smile:

In my case, I have a debt resolution company. I pay them monthly and they manage settlements and pay them. Some of my debts have not reached settlement state, some of them have been settled. Three of these debts exceed $10k (still waiting for settlement), but they are within the scope of the company’s service. A personal emergency around 3.5 years ago forced me to have the situation I am in today. My recent payment history since then is flawless.

I want to make a point to DSCA that although i had my personal situation in the past, it is not an ongoing behavior and that I am working to make things better. I do not know what the outcome will be, but working on this response made me reflect that the steps I am taking keep my conscience at peace, regardless the outcome. I plan to send my response next week, after that, I’ve heard it takes them 1 month or 2 to reply with a response or granting the actual clearance. At this time, I honestly feel that I am buying myself time… because even though that I have a plan in place… the amount of delinquent accounts could be a deal breaker.

Words that come to mind: Hopelessness & Inevitable.

Hope everything goes well with you. Keep us posted!

I sure will keep yall posted.

Update: It was just a warning “eyes only” letter but I was unsure if I would get one since I went through I really bad situation. All good in the hood now.

Great news. Glad everything worked out well.