Have an "eyes only" package coming, is this an SOR?

I submitted my SF-86 in Jan 2018, Investigation closed Feb 2019, and now today I got an email from my company that a package that is “eyes only” is coming to my FSO. My FSO is coincidentally out on vacation…but another one I talked to said they most likely just need more info and definitely not a denial.

I’m very worried…I didn’t think anything was particularly wrong. I disclosed everything, and my interviewer even said some of the things I disclosed where not of concern.

  • I listed I seeked counseling and treatment for generalized anxiety and ocd. I listed my counselor and psychiatrists office from then.
  • I listed I did do marijuana a handful of times in high school, I did also list I helped pay for it with friends at that time and gave names and numbers. This all being like 6+ years ago.
  • I listed I pirated some music and movies before, under one of the guidelines, the investigator said this is not an issue and “don’t do that”. I haven’t since months before my SF-86 filled out.
  • I had a LOT of places I lived in college and such, and tried my best to fill out references as I could…but I started to just run out of people who knew me very well.
  • When I was in high school or like 18 or so, I did get a bill from a doctors office that went to collections. I…I mean despite being an adult then had no money my parents paid for it. They just forgot and we immediately went online to pay. It never appeared on my credit report, but I just mentioned it anyways

I can’t think of anything else. No serious foreign contact, no run ins with the law, I left the country once on a cruise and disclosed it all.

What could this be? What went wrong? Should I start looking for a new job? :frowning:

Relax, and please don’t start this catastrophic thinking, it is a symptom of anxiety.

you will get your clearance. You listed everything and explained it.


As ipsecmerlin said, relax, you got your clearance. There’s paperwork for you to take care of.

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@ipsecmerlin do you know my friend HAIPE Merlin? :slight_smile:

Yes I do! Worked with these technologies often :wink:

To provide some closure…in case anyone finds this on Google or something :blush:

Got the package today. It went to my FSO. They wanted me to sign and send forms to them and my old psychiatrist to release medical info.