Clearance chances with bad history

Good afternoon blogers,

Military vet here and I had some questions and concerns regarding my security clearance chances again. I’m not gonna beat around the bush and try to make excuses. My credit history and score is terrible. I have about 5 to 6 negative accounts and multiple charge-offs. I was unemployed for about 4-5 months and took a hefty salary hit which somewhat explains the financial duress on 2 or 3 of my accounts. In 2019, I paid all my charge-offs and collections in full and it was a lot of money but i managed and did it. I have one more account which I am currently on a payment plan for and due to the circumstances the debt will be forgiven as stated.

My question is do I have a shot? Will bad history alone be enough for denial or will satisfying the delinquent debts in full be looked at as a mitigating factor and help me? I have held a clearance in the past but I was in a better position when I did.

Thanks in advance.

Consulting with my crystal ball which says yes you have a good chance of getting a clearance.

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As already mentioned, this is a crystal ball question. Youve done a lot to mitigate your circumstances so Magic 8 Ball would say, ''all signs point to yes."

Again though, not an adjudicator and your circumstances will vary.

If you read some of the DOHA decisions you’ll see that people in similar or worse situations are granted clearances by doing what you’re doing (making positive steps forward).