Clearance denied due to debit

I applied for a security clearance and because there was a child support debit on my credit report I believe I was denied the right to go forward to the next step in the process. I only have small bills besides that on my credit that only total less than $2000. My credit score is low like in the mid 500s. The child support is now off of my credit because I made a huge payment on the debit. What is usually the procedure and issue with this overall anyways? I was only applying for a general clearance.

Mid 500’s will get you denied. Get your credit fixed and apply again.

So what are they looking for as far as that is concerned and why in particular do they look for that?

Credit scores themselves have no bearing for an adjudicator. They are looking at your current past due delinquent debt, past history, the cause/reason for the delinquencies, and what actions you have taken to resolve them before applying for a clearance.

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Yes . . . I will personally guarantee that you can get a clearance, secret anyway, with a sub-550 credit score . . . Don’t ask me how I know that . . . .

What are ya thinking? Credit scores have nothing to do with getting a clearance. It’s what is contained in the report and how the applicant is handling any delinquency.

Unpaid child support is a red flag.

@nrc2112 - what causes a 550 or below credit score in most cases? Delinquencies, repossessions, unpaid child support, bankruptcies, right? And it just so happens that those are all things that can get you issued an SOR under Guideline F. Which is why I said mid 500’s will get you denied, I’ve seen it. I should have elaborated more, my apologies.

I think the proper term should be MAY get you denied, not WILL. All of these things can be mitigated.

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@nrc2112 - I understand this is a sensitive topic given your current situation. I can’t imagine the thought of losing my job, losing my house, and everything I own because I was financially irresponsible. Though not likely for you, I hope you maintain your clearance and your job. Remember, financial irresponsibility is the number one reason people lose their clearance and job.

My clearance is currently in the P-RI and I have over 20k in CC and personal loans. I was unemployed for a few months last year. I submitted a lot of additional documents.

I am currently working with a legal firm and 3rd party to pay off my debt. My credit score was high 600. Unfortunately in order to settle the debt, I had to go delinquent and get the accounts charged off. My score right now is 500s. However, I am currently in a payment plan with the legal firm and 3rd party to pay off my debt.

I am unsure what will happen to me. I am already looking at getting a security lawyer since I am sure I will get a SOR. Since clearances are so backlogged, it will be a year or two until my investigation part is done. By then my debt should be settled.

My response was about you telling the OP that a credit score in the middle 500 hundred range was an automatic denial.

Not anything to do with me. I can see how you may have made this assumption.

Hi is the 20k in cc unpaid? what type of clearance is it? Why are you certain you will get a SOR?

  1. Yes, but it’s in the process of being paid back; 2) T-5; 3) Financial debt has been the number 1 concern for revoked clearances lately.

I’m in the same boat but mine is T-2. I got off the phone with a clearance attorney 5 minutes ago Marko advised me to do my own due diligence and I am glad he suggested this.

My attorney advised me that I am taking the correct steps to mitigate. He also stated that a lot of information you get on the Internet is not entirely correct and that seeking a well qualified legal team is the best thing one can do. This should be done sooner than later.

During the consultation he cleared up a lot of information for me that was not correctly stated here.

I am doing my debt settlement through a legal group right now. My P-RI was just submitted a few months ago so it will be a while till my clearance is assigned an investigator (according to my FSO). I have already started researching online for DC security lawyers and hope to finalize one in the next month or two.

A close personal friend went through a reinvestigation that included a number of financial issues. The investigation/SOR/hearing took just over two years to complete and then it was about ten months before the judge rendered a favorable decision.

You have time to clean things up while this is going on.

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If you anticipate receiving an SOR, it’s wise to request a copy of the investigative file as soon as possible, because it may take a month to get it. OPM has a form specifically for this purpose.

I believe that the package containing the SOR includes a copy of the investigator’s report.

That is the plan. Also, I have a copy of my prior investigation (got from OPM) and the clearance forms which I have submitted (for this clearance renewal).