Clearance crossover problem in Meade adjudication

Complicated (or maybe uncomplicated) question from someone who recently discovered I’m in “clearance adjudication purgatory”. For past two years have held active FBI TS/SCI with FS poly as FBI contractor. Started processing way back in 2018 for Meade position. Didn’t hear anything till 2021 summer - completed security/psych/finished multiple poly’s successfully. Now trying to cross over my FBI TS/SCI FS poly for positions requiring that for a northern VA customer as a contractor. Was told by contractor trying to cross me over to start new position that they couldn’t cross over the FBI clearance + poly because the Meade poly is listed as either unresolved or unadjudicated in Scattered Castles despite that they verbally notified that I passed the poly. Now seeming to me that I will have to wait through the entire Meade adjudication process before being able to cross over the perfectly good/active FBI clearance and poly for other full scope contracts? (several eons for someone with my prior foreign living experience) Does this seem likely to keep being an issue despite which contractor tries to cross over? I’m trying again with several full scope positions at the moment, though don’t really expect a better result. Anyone know if I cancel my processing with Meade if the “unresolved” record will go away in scattered castles? Quite a frustrating situation to be in at the moment…appreciate any insights…thx

Do you mean Ft. Meade ?