VA customer crossover shenanigans

Hey team.
Another crossover issue.
I am currently a contractor for the MD customer with a TS SCI and Poly. I just got reinvestigated by my company and I was told I was on CE. I was told by my FSO that the investigation concluded back in January of this year.
I applied for a contract with the VA customer but the attempt to crossover my clearance yielded to the infamous “Unadjudicated information”. No more information was give. I am a naturalized citizen from a non threatening ally and I have a few foreign contacts in France and Canada and “peaceful Central African” country.
A few months have passed since the clearance crossover woes. Now, I have an offer with another VA contractor and though their Securoty team said “My clearance should crossover”, I’m still in doubt after spending a day reading posts and replies on here.
My record is clean like a sheet of paper and I am inclined to believe that “Foreign influence” is the reason why I was rejected.
I’m just trying to figure out next steps if for some reasons this didn’t go
@Amberbunny2 you seem well versed in this obscure field. Could you please chime in and share your thoughts?

Thanks in advance to everyone.

You will have to start over. I had a similar situation with unadjudicated information and the VA customer would not cross me over. I tried three different companies both prime and subs. The prime was able to submit me tor a initial FSP. I was just going to another contract with that same customer. It took me 6 months to find another sponsor and then 10 months to get the FSP back.

Thanks for your quick reply.
Just a few questions to clarify:
Did the submission as Initial allow you to work?
When you say “You will have to start over” do you mean fill out a new SF86 and have an investigation conducted?


I was allowed to work but on a CI contract. I made a deal with another agency and they would use an older background investigation that did not have the unadjudicated information knowing that I would leave in a few months. The VA customer would not tell me or my FSO what the issue was only that that I needed a initial FSP in order to work for them again. The VA customer would not allow me to work for them until the new initial FSP was adjudicated.

Yes you will have to start over as in fill out a new Sf86 and have a new background investigation and redue the polygraph just like you are new.

This is a nightmarish situation. Too bad because this was an amazing offer.
Let’s see if the company is willing to sponsor me for a whole new BI, which would take a while.
Thank you @Sara_Combs

You are welcome. I lost out on a great offer that paid well in the 6 figures because of this situation. In the end I did get the FSP back but it took a while because I had to start over. I hope you all the best.

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This is normal if you are crossing over, there will be a new BI for some agency. I got a cleared last year and for some reason I crossed over to another agency. I’m working but they requesting a new BI and I also need to fill a new SF86. This is really frustrating.