Clearance open status for years

I’ve had a clearance for several years now and have been waiting for the Periodic Review to finalize. It has taken almost 3 years! This means my status has been open and I have been turned down by many jobs while trying to align myself in a better career path. The investigation has finally come back underway the last few months but I don’t believe it has wrapped up yet and I have another promising job opportunity I don’t want to pass up.

My question is: Can I switch jobs and maintain my current one as a part time since they hold my clearance as to not interrupt the review process and end up in the dreaded clearance limbo, while I take on the new cleared job- then when I clear, break ties with the PT job and have the new job sponsor my clearance?

Dude, you need to contact your senator or house rep. The way they can help is they force x agency to have accountability to your political leader. I would try doing that.

I was in the same boat. It was so bad one company I was interviewing with couldn’t tell if I had a clearance at all.

If you can get the current employer to do that, maybe it would work, but I have never heard of such a thing happening… what’s in it for the current employer?